Here at Dreamlash, we realize that eyes are the windows to the soul and
that’s why they should be surrounded by the most exquisite, gorgeous eye
lashes. Our Eyelash Extension Certification gives you the tools &
techniques necessary to provide your clients with lush, thick and perfect
eyelashes that they’ll love!

Apply for our Eyelash Extensions Training and not only will you learn all
about lash artistry, but our industry experts will also let you in on some
trade secrets on how to make it big in the business.

We look forward to meeting you in our Professional Eyelash Classes!

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What Clients are Saying

The course was wonderful, I am so excited to be joining this great profession!

Lori, Regina

The course was awesome…I had a great instructor and I totally can’t wait to have clients.

Nora, Prince Albert SK

I would like to thank you for teaching us the Dreamlash method of eyelash extensions. The course was very informative, while it takes time to perfect eyelash applications I feel I have lots of information to help me become successful

Shanna, Saskatoon, SK

I just wanted to send you a quick note thanking you for providing me the opportunity to attend the training class this past weekend in Edmonton. This class was fantastic. My educator was awesome and really provided great training and lots of useful tips. I definitely found this class beneficial and I look forward to sending in my photos for my certification!

Lee Ann, Calgary, AB


i just wanted to report to you that i had a phenomenal time in the course this past weekend in edmonton.

i’m thrilled to be a part of your company, and would like to thank you once again for providing me with this experience.

Talk to you soon.

Marissa, Edmonton, AB

I am enjoying my Lash business and it has been growing like crazy!! I am hoping to be doing it full time within the next couple of months :)

Sheri – Lethbridge, AB

I want to say thank you so much for the training this weekend! The

facilitator was great and very informative. I love my kit!

Carlene A. Calgary, AB

I would to first tell you how great Carmen was and how fabulous the class was! Carmen had great tips and was very helpful with providing information on Dreamlash, marketing and personal experiences. The classes were well structured and enabled us to be prepared when working on live models.

Stephanie R, Toronto, ON

I found the course to be very good and was impressed with the results from myself and the other participants. Speaking for myself (but I’m sure on behalf of the others) I feel very confident to start doing someone’s eyes even at this early stage (practice, first, of course) . I’m sure it will only get better but the results of the class, taken as whole, show that the instructions was solid and thorough.

Lianne H, Toronto, ON

This is Jazmine Backous, I really enjoyed the class this past weekend! I have all my 5 models done already

Jazmine Backous – Saskatoon, SK

I have taken the July 28/29 course here in Saskatoon which by the way was


Christin Young, Saskatoon.

I just wanted you to know that I sooo enjoyed the course and I also had my first customer lastnight and she looked amazing!!! Yay…

Dee S. Toronto, ON

I just wanted to say thank you for the training. Carmen and Jessica were great! Really helpful and willing to spend extra time with me.

Cailey H., Calgary, AB

I really enjoyed your training, I found it incredibly comprehensive. I was reassured to hear how safe eyelashes extensions are and impressed by their beauty when meticulously applied. Thanks so much!

Sylvie B, Calgary AB

I have just finished the eye lash course this weekend and it was great i had a good time and the instructors were very helpful and kind.

Veronica B. – Calgary AB

I took the course over the weekend and I must say it was wonderful and very knowledgeable. Both Carmen and Jessica were helpful and a delight to learn from. I believe I definitely have the knowledge and comfort level to get started on clients!

Meena Hasnany – Calgary AB

I was in the training course this past weekend in Calgary (Sept 29 and 30). I really enjoyed the course and felt that the instructor, Carmen, did a fantastic job! She was great to answer any questions and came across as very genuine.

Maegan T. – Calgary AB

I love every minute of doing lashes and I have it all thanks to you!! I have refered lots of ppl to your training because after all that I’ve seen and heard I am thankful that I got you as my teachers and advisers!

Tara C, Sylvan Lake, AB

I can’t thank you enough for my training, I’m so happy with the outcome… it’s really inspired my creative side. :)

Stephanie D, Calgary AB

Good Course!

I enjoyed the course. Jessica is sweet and also knowledegeable. All in all a great course, and i am excited to get practicing! Thank you DreamLash!

Emily R, Calgary AB

Very enthused for my career as a Lash Artist!

It was a good experience in taking the course this weekend and I am thoroughly excited to advance in Lash Arstistry. Jessica was informative and helpful in her teachings, I enjoyed learning from her. I feel comfortable starting on clients and with practice will perfect my technique.

-Wendy R, Calgary AB

I feel like this weekend was stress-free and easy going which was a relief since I was expecting much different.

I enjoyed Jessica and she had clear answers to every question asked.

I feel comfortable and knowledgeable and looking forward to receiving my certificate.

Olha T, Calgary, AB

our trainer is awesome, she’s very informative and easy going! Thanks again :)

Chelsey E, Saskatoon, SK

We are so busy and pre-booked so far in advance that we could only get new lash guests in if they booked months in advance. Because of the amount of calls we receive for this, I hired another full time lash artist starting this monday!

Tracy G, Winnipeg, MB.

Good heavens I am so happy with your course it was extremely informative and Jessica was awesome. I am looking forward to getting better and better with more practice Thanks for your support.

Traci S, Calgary, AB

Hi Angela, thank you so much for an awesome course. I am now so confident of my choice to start up my new business venture as a Lash Artist. You and your team were very helpful. Thanks again. Pilas

K, Calgary AB

Training went very well, I was very happy with it and very excited about moving forward with what I learned!

Dalayne H, Calgary AB

Dear Angela, Thank you for arranging a fantastic learning opportunity this past weekend. Carmen is fantastic as are the other educators but I interacted and connected with her well. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for showing us and giving us an opportunity to be great! I wish you a fantastic day Warmest regards, Dana

Dana L, Calgary AB

training was amazing. i learnt so much marketing and health canada stuff, thats what i went for and now going to dreamlash dip.yay!

Carole R, Calgary AB

Angela thank you so much for the course…it was so inspirational and amazing and having already done 7 sets I am super excited to make this my passion!

Sydney G, Calgary AB

Thank you so much! I loved the course so much and I hope I do well in my new life as a lash artist

-Sydney G, Calgary AB

I am overwhelmed by the response I have gotten, and have actually had to turn a few clients away, as at this time…my spots are limited! I have ran into a few clients that had seen someone else, and was horrified by to see how brutal they were! I actually removed a set that came off in clumps of 10!! It certainly made me grateful that I had received the training I did from Dreamlash!

Stacy S, Calgary AB