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Welcome to the

Dreamlash Eyelash Extensions
Pro Certification

The only program in North America designed to take you from lash beginner to rock star confident lash technician in 2 days.

And, if you apply today you may qualify for the seasonal reduction of 40-60% off the full tuition.

Welcome to Dreamlash Eyelash Extensions PRO Certification

The only program in North America designed to take you from lash beginner to rock star confident lash technician in 2 days.

The only complete eyelash extensions certification with none of the pieces missing.

And, if you apply today you may qualify for the seasonal reduction of 40-60% off the full tuition.

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Do you have the poise, professionalism, and persistence to succeed as a CERTIFIED DREAMLASH ARTIST?

Nationally Acclaimed Dreamlash Educators share the latest lash enhancement tips, tricks, and techniques used on fashion shoots in over 100 cities!

Unlike other courses, Dreamlash PRO is a complete step-by-step eyelash extensions training experience that teaches an intensive amount of content so that you can handle the most difficult issues and solve the biggest problems lash artists face.

Whether you’re new to eyelash extensions or have trained elsewhere in the past, you’ll master countless methods for maximizing your lashing skill and reducing your time while attaining an adoring audience and consistent high-ticket clientele.

We are proud to be the company that shares the “secrets that others won’t teach you.”

Actual Student Work by Carleah O.

Although our courses are often imitated, they are never duplicated. 

We teach you how to tackle the most advanced “curve ball” issues that stump most techs including choosing the best looks for various eye types, contouring lash sizes for uneven eye shapes, working with advanced patterning and so much more.

Once you complete PRO you will master seemingly impossible lash situations with your new skills.

What’s more, you will enjoy using the entire Dreamlash Academy line of eyelash extensions, adhesives, and other formulations required for state-of-the-art eyelash enhancement techniques.

Your customers will see you as an instant standout when their lashes last longer than ever before because you blended our Retention Collective Adhesive with our Bedroom Eyes Lock-In-Place lash extensions.

They will swoon over you when they first experience the perfect application and out-of-this-world softness. You will always rest assured that because you trained with Dreamlash, you’ll always have full support that sets you apart as a leader in the industry.

And because training takes place over an intensive 2-day workshop, you can trust you’ll receive all the skills you need to be client-ready the moment your certificate is in your hands.

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A day in the life of a Dreamlash Artist:

Dreamlash Artists do eyelash extensions full or part time making women (and some men) look and feel beautiful. They achieve show-stopping lashes for their clients professionally and safely. They can be found working from home, renting a room in a salon, employed by a luxurious spa, or offering mobile services on their own schedule.

They are committed, caring, and consistent and most of them make $150-$300 per hour.

New aspiring lash artists and lash artists who trained elsewhere who want to upgrade their skills are getting their coveted Dreamlash PRO Certification this year.

Do you have the poise, professionalism, and persistence to succeed as a Certified Dreamlash Eyelash Extensions Artist?

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Actual Student Work

Impress your clients, stump your competition, and blow your followers’ minds!

Are you ready to be our next success story doing what YOU love?

Maybe you’ll be like recent our recent grad, Julia:

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UPCOMING PRO Certification Courses:

All in-person courses follow the public health measures set out by the government at the time of the course including but not limited to maximum attendee limits, masks, and social distancing training setup.

  • Calgary, AB  – SOLD OUT UNTIL 2023
  • Edmonton, AB  – SOLD OUT UNTIL 2023
  • Saskatoon, SK  – SOLD OUT UNTIL 2023
  • Winnipeg, MB  – SOLD OUT UNTIL 2023
  • Toronto, ON  –  SOLD OUT UNTIL 2023

    We’re sorry to let you know that our in-person classic eyelash extensions classes are sold out until 2023 and we are no longer adding to the waitlists for these courses.
    It is our recommendation that you select a classic and/or volume eyelash extensions course from a reputable in-person trainer near you. 

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It doesn’t matter where you are with Lash Artistry:

  • No beauty background and want to work from home as a professional Dreamlash eyelash extensions technician
  • Already established as a hairstylist, esthetician, or makeup artist and want to add eyelash extensions to your existing services
  • You’re a salon or spa looking to get your staff members trained in this profitable service
  • You tried to learn the intricate art of eyelash extensions by piecing together youtube videos, or in an online course all by yourself only to end up confused and frustrated.
  • You realized there is no way to set yourself apart from the competition without being supported live (either online or in-person) by a master educator who deeply cares about you and your success.

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Just take a look at the potential revenue you can earn:

Fee Per Procedure

  • $150
  • $175
  • $200

15 Applications Per Week

  • $2250
  • $2625
  • $3000

Monthly Revenue

  • $9000
  • $10,500
  • $12,000

Yearly Revenue

  • $108,000
  • $126,000
  • $144,000

The 2-Day Dreamlash Pro Certification Course will show you, in detail, the exact steps you need to achieve perfect, show-stopping eyelash extensions for your clients, every single time.

Dreamlash delivers in-person and educator-led live online certification training for a select group of only 100 students per year. In this renowned training program you will receive 8 workbooks, which include all systems, processes, 29 patterns, word-for-word scripts, templates and other done-for-you content so that your clients will trust you as a true expert.

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So why do you really want to train with Dreamlash?

With all the lash courses out there who try to imitate us what’s your reason for wanting to challenge yourself to be the best?
What do you want to make of it? How many clients do you want to wow per week?

Your Success is Closer Than You Think

If you’re like many of our Dreamlash grads before they started, you’re envisioning:

  • Working from a home studio or lash room full or part-time
  • Making women (and some men) look and feel beautiful with gorgeous, soft, safe, and seamless eyelash extensions
  • Having more time to spend with your kids, partner, all while enjoying a career you love. 

As a Dreamlash Artist, you’re a part of raising the industry up (instead of racing to the bottom with poor quality training). It requires professionalism, creativity, and customer care. Are you ready for this type of commitment?

You deserve a career where you can experience the deep satisfaction of making women look and feel beautiful while expressing your femininity and making a gorgeous income.

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If you already read this far, I know you’re passionate about these things

But if you’re like many of the other potential lash artists I’ve spoken to, you’re confused as to which course is right for you.

You’ve seen a variety of other courses out there all claiming to be “the best.” You want to get good value for your time and money, but more importantly you want to make sure you get the best education and support.

If you’re like I was when I started as a Lash Artist over 12 years ago, you:

  • Want in-depth education with none of the pieces missing, even if that means you’re required to step up your focus and commitment to succeed
  • Want to train with a reputable company that has created proven success for their students even if that means you have to invest a little bit more
  • Want simple, easy-to-follow instructions so that you can be 100% confident when working on your clients, even if that means you need to fully understand the reason for each step without glossing over anything
  • Want to train with a company who follows (and teaches you) all national health regulations so that you can assure your clients safety and long-term success, even if that means learning about the not-so-pleasant risks and hazards of lash artistry
  • Want to train with a company who treats you as a valued member of the community even if that means you need to show up, cheer others on, and ask for help and support (instead of hiding out, staying isolated, and gossiping)
  • Want to train with a company who offers multiple levels of certification so that you can gain advanced skills (even if that means stretching and growing to be the best)

If you can relate, you’re in the right place.

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Actual Student Work.

My fabulous educator team and myself would love to hand you our personal step-by-step systems and processes to become a world-class professional lash artist that is 100% confident no matter what setbacks may arise.

If you follow these processes you will become 100% self-assured that you can wow your clients with beautiful, safe, seamless eyelash extensions while generating a gorgeous income on a long-term basis.

With any of these steps missing, you miss hundreds of referrals, repeat clients, and will be working uphill to grow a thriving lash practice.

I know this from personal experience and from the countless stories from students who re-train with Dreamlash after being disappointed elsewhere. If you’ve been let down, we can help you turn it around, as soon as you’re ready. 

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Today, Dreamlash Artists have commanded the lion’s share of the marketplace and we still don’t have enough technicians to serve the demand.

Certified Dreamlash Artists have become known as the “best in town” in hundreds of towns and cities across Canada and the USA and have been noted as a phenomenon in various articles and newspapers.

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Hi, I’m Angela May.

When I started lashing over 17 years ago, there was no such thing as “Dreamlash Pro Certification” so I had to learn everything trial-and-error.

When I first launched my lash business I hadn’t yet unlocked the magic that you’ll see listed in the course curriculum below. I certainly wasn’t partnered with a great brand that cared about me and only had the very basics of lash artistry under my belt. I had zero confidence and was constantly baffled at why my lash sets weren’t turning out like the photos on my trainer’s website.

I threw all caution to the wind and put one foot in front of the other. I really wanted to make my clients feel beautiful and cared for. Some times they would be happy with their lashes but often their lashes would throw me “curve-balls” that I didn’t have the skills to address.

I became frustrated at the vague education I received. I realized I had no idea how to make lashes last as long as possible, I was given a few patterns but didn’t understand the reasons behind how the patterns work with different eye shapes, my clients’ lashes were sticking together causing them discomfort, and many more confusing problems arose.

This was embarrassing and hurt me tremendously. I was so hard on myself for not being able to get it right. I was so frustrated that I questioned if I should even keep going with my dream of having a successful lash studio.

Although some of my clients were gracious enough to give me another chance, many of them gave up on eyelash extensions altogether.

This was a loud wake up call. I didn’t want to be known as yet another “poorly trained lash artist.”

I realized that if I was going to live my dream, I had to figure this out. I felt like a fool for investing in companies who couldn’t care less about me. They just stopped returning my emails as soon as the training was over.

I had a series of a-has when I took a variety of training courses, learning new tricks along the way. This was very expensive and a big stretch, I shouldn’t have had to do this. But I was invested and I didn’t want to fail. Once I felt I had all of the pieces I enlisted 10 of my closes friends and family members to volunteer as practice models until I got this perfect.

I spent many evenings turned into late nights figuring out exactly what works and what doesn’t. I used my new tricks to handle challenges with ease and provide lashes they were 100% in love with. Although my educators weren’t present in the room with me, I felt myself being guided by those who had walked this path before me. I finally cracked the code on how to apply amazingly beautiful, perfect, full, and thick lashes every single time no matter what challenge came my way.

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Once I figured this out, I knew I could make thousands of women (and some men) look and feel beautiful with the most amazing, customized lash sets that would work for their life and career.

It wasn’t long after mastering the process that I found myself getting more bookings and referrals than ever. I was even featured as front-page news of my local paper. 

This would never have happened if I hadn’t set out to find the exact steps I needed to do excellent work.

I saw that there were many things I needed to change to make my clients happy every single time.

This caused my passion and drive to be reawakened.

All these huge leaps of investing my lash career ultimately cost me about $10,000. Every step was scary because at the time I wasn’t making a lot of money, but I had faith that if I put one foot in front of the other, even when things were difficult or inconvenient that I could make this work.

And it just kept getting better from there.

Every time I got paid I realized that if I hadn’t invested the time and money in myself none of this would have ever been possible.

To this day, I immerse myself in learning and developing myself as a lash artist and as a person. All because I got addicted to helping others achieve the lashes of their dreams and now the career of their dreams.

In the first month of starting my lash business I had about ten clients who returned. After I really mastered lash artistry my clientele doubled, and continued to double every month until I had to turn people away.

Now, I take the time to do every lash application perfectly so it lasts as long as possible. I no longer have to jump from training to training because I know what works. I just follow the eye theory to customize beautiful patterns for each individual client. Every day, I get to see the power that beautiful, customized, luxury lash extensions can have on a woman’s life. My applications are now so efficient that I have learned how to do full, perfect sets in an hour or less.

I’m happy to report that the students I’ve trained at Dreamlash Academy are some of the highest paid, overbooked lash artists in Canada and the USA.

Dreamlash grads love making $150-$200+ per hour working with great clients who trust them to make them look and feel beautiful.

You can do this too if you follow the formulas, stay consistent, and build an all-star reputation.

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Getting a complete eyelash extensions education is the single most important thing you’ll ever do. Those who try to enter the industry without this don’t stand a chance to make a splash in their community which will cost them floods of referrals and rebookings.

This complete education with lifetime support is the sole indicator of whether or not you’ll make a name for yourself. It will give you confidence, a glowing reputation, and the powerful benefits of free word-of-mouth marketing.

On the path to becoming a sought-after lash artist who went from overlooked to overbooked, I’ve learned you must do these 6 things:

  1. Pursue full and complete education from a company doesn’t hold anything back
  2. Find a company who employs educators who are already booked solid. This ensures they don’t feel competitive towards you.  
  3. Commit to doing every lash application perfectly, even if you’re just starting out part-time
  4. Understand the theory behind patterning and customization so that you can make expert recommendations that will wow your clients and perfectly enhance their unique eye shapes. 
  5. Gain a reputation as someone who cares about people. (Always ask yourself “What will get the best and safest outcome for my clients?)
  6. Be so consistent so that your clients can trust you to give them the same results every time. (Don’t treat your client as a guinea pig and surprise her with a different look without her permission).

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The More You Learn, The More You Earn

You’ll notice that quality education and lifetime support is #1 because otherwise you’ll be confused and frustrated about the things that most courses miss. (And you won’t realize it until you have a client in your chair and you have no idea what to do).

You also need guidance on how to set your prices according to proven factors so you can begin booking clients quickly at a price that makes your business sustainable.

The pricing structure we will walk you through will impact which clients are attracted to you and if you do this wrong you’ll be a magnet for terrible clients.  This will cause you so much anxiety and frustration that you’ll want to close shop before you really get started.

You’ll also learn how to raise your prices as your skills advance so that you continuously increase the amount of high-end, highly-appreciative clients who you love to serve.

Hint: The first thing people do when they read this is attempt to set their prices by doing an online search of others in their area.

But since most of them are doing it wrong and the most successful ones no longer need to advertise, you don’t want to make the mistake of pricing your services based on incomplete information. 

Apply Now →

As you research lash courses are you struggling to find top-quality, in-person or live instructor-led online education from a team of experts who care about you and your dreams?

Dreamlash Academy was made to help aspiring lash artists gain the skills they need to wow their clients over and above perfect lash applications alone. You deserve the best possible education so that you can serve thousands of women (and some men) in a caring and professional way.

And if you really care about making women look and feel beautiful, don’t you owe it to them to get trained properly from the start so they can be 100% confident entrusting their eyes to you?

Those who choose their training course based on price attract customers who choose their lash artist based on price. This only ends up in wasted time and money, as you must be an example of high standards for yourself if you want to attract clients who have high standards for their lashes.

Actual Student Work

So now’s the time to apply to be 1 out of 100 students trained in Canada and the USA this year to receive the Dreamlash Eyelash Extensions PRO Certification.

This year, 100 students from cities big and small will come together to learn the Dreamlash Method of Eyelash Extensions.

These are the exact same techniques I use to make my clients so happy that they refer me to their friends, co-workers, and family members time and time again.

I want you to be the lash artist that everyone talks about and I know the same success is possible for you. I’ve seen our grads make it happen time and again.

Apply Now →

Here’s an overview of what you’re going to learn in this 2-day, in-person, in-depth certification program:


Class #1 • Intro to Lash Artistry

Learn How Dreamlash Artists Have Been Setting Themselves Apart as the Most Successful, Professional, and Talented Lash Artists in the Industry.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • The 3 practical lash problems your clients hired you to solve so that you can make sure your solution to these problems are visible in every one of your marketing posts
  • The 3 “personal” problems your clients have hired you to solve so that you can easily blow them away with connection-centered customer service and immediately inspire repeat customers
  • The 3 Keys of the Dreamlash Customer promise to ensure your clients leave with lashes they are 100% in love with  every single time
  • The 3 ways Dreamlash Artists are different so that customers can trust they will always be in the hands of a welcoming, consistent, service professional, causing them to come back time and time again.
  • How to blend the 3 “Musts” of true lash artistry so you can wow your client with amazing results and stunning service every time
  • Word-for-word script you can copy and paste on your website so you can expertly answer the 3 most common questions clients will ask
  • Checklist of the 5 Marketing Steps You Can Take Immediately to Start Growing your Practice  Even on Day 1 of the course!
  • The 6 Mindset Secrets of a Successful, Kind, and Professional Lash Artist (Without practicing these, you risk blending into the sea of resentful, overwhelmed, struggling lash technicians)
  • How to avoid common training faux-pas during the certification course so that you make a good impression on your new community and easily create long-term referral relationships for your lash business and beyond
  • How to advance into employment opportunities with Dreamlash and exactly how to qualify to be a Dreamlash Training Assistant, Educator, Featured Success Story, or be invited to fun business-building events like lash charities, etc.

For Class 1, You Will Receive the Following Bonuses!

BONUS: In order to make sure you’re fully set up to succeed while avoiding the common pitfalls of running a service-based business you will also receive the following training:

How to handle 3 Most common customer types professionally so you can have the happy, thriving lash studio you deserve including:

  1. How to handle a kind and considerate client when she expresses dissatisfaction with her service (and her characteristics, what she’s thinking, do’s and don’t, and an email script of exactly what to say to deepen and support the relationship)
  2. How to handle an aggressive, dishonest client when she expresses dissatisfaction with her service (and the warning signs these clients display so you can choose whether or not you want to accept her booking in the first place. You’ll also receive an email script of exactly what to say to stand in your power to prevent being bullied by this type)
  3. How to handle a two-faced client who leaves happy but has a different story a few days (or months!) later and the exact pattern she runs to attempt to get money back from you when you no longer have the chance to correct her issue. (You’ll also receive an email script of exactly what to say to call out this bad behavior beautifully and gracefully).

“I completed the course today and I’m feeling so excited to get started. A special thank you to Angela May for putting on such an amazing workshop with such great assistants. I wish I could put them in my pocket and take them with me. Thank you!”

Tara Machiuk, Androssan, AB

Class #2 • Tools and Supplies

If you’re tired of all the confusion around which supplies you need to get and which you don’t, rejoice! In this class you’ll learn all about the only tools you’ll ever need for eyelash extensions application, and discover tricks and shortcuts to apply lashes expertly.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • Exactly what makes some eyelash extensions better than others
  • 3 critical reasons to use regulated tools and supplies so that you don’t cause yourself extra headaches like lawsuits, health code fines, wasted money, and loss of repeat clients
  • The importance of primer to solve the problem of poor adhesion, premature lash loss, a dull finished look, and unnecessary lash fragility
  • The difference between a “bonding primer” and an “all-purpose” primer and how some primers damage natural lash extensions
  • Exactly what makes a primer exceptional and what can go wrong with low quality primers
  • Exactly how to use primer to prepare the natural lashes for maximum adhesion so you can be 100% confident that you applied it correctly
  • Exactly how to store your primer including the shelf life so that you don’t risk using an expired or ineffective product
  • The answer to the question “How is using adhesive correctly critical to an expert, long-lasting eyelash extensions application.
  • The importance of adhesives that are made to bond porous materials (like natural eyelashes) to non-porous materials (like eyelash extensions) versus those that aren’t designed to create this unique chemical “lock”
  • How to use adhesive to prevent biochemical microbial infections (and the risks of missing this important step)
  • Exactly how to select the right adhesive to create the perfect environment for maximum lash adhesion, client comfort, and safety for each individual client and their unique requirements
  • The answer to the question “What’s the difference between a high-quality laboratory-developed adhesive versus a mass-produced “fad” adhesive?
  • How heat-resistant, water-resistant, and steam-resistant adhesives improves client satisfaction dramatically so that you can set yourself apart
  • Exactly how long each adhesive must cure before your client can resume certain lifestyle activities like swimming, tanning, working out etc. (This information is critical because virtually ever client will ask you this question based on the adhesive you used)
  • The #1 solution to reduce the chance of chemical burn by using adhesives that are vegan and naturally-derived.
  • Exactly when to use a regular, extra-strength, or sensitive adhesive and how to determine when a client is ready to upgrade to a higher bond
  • Exactly how to keep your adhesive at the perfect temperature throughout the lash application to maintain the proper consistency so that you are 100% confident that each lash is secure
  • How to keep your adhesive surface clean and hygienic according national health standards
  • Exactly how to store your adhesives including the shelf life, temperature, and lighting requirements so that you don’t risk using an expired or ineffective product
  • How to use eyelash extensions remover to counteract the strongest adhesive bonds while dissolving them gently
  • Exactly how to remove (not just soften) hardened adhesive that has been set for months so that clients who have received poor lash applications elsewhere will be thrilled to comfortably be free of the painful clumps of adhesive from her previous lash technician and ready for beautiful, comfortable, pain-free fringes.
  • Exactly how to assess when to apply additional remover to the lashes (and how to determine when it just needs to set longer).
  • The exact tools to use when you’re removing a full set of lashes versus removing lashes for small, fine corrections
  • Exactly which tools to use to apply remover and prevent costly product absorption and/or drippage
  • The exact tweezers to use for quick and masterful lash application
  • The exact tweezers to use for quick and masterful lash isolation
  • Our company secret on how to pick up lashes simply and easily so that you can increase your lashing speed without compromising on product quality
  • The common drug store products to NEVER use on eyelash extensions (or instruct your client to use) that will cause a nightmare that will require a total removal and re-do of the lash application
  • The #1 after-care product to prevent clients from losing lashes quicker than necessary so that they thank you for the expert recommendation (rather than giving up on eyelash extensions altogether).
  • The uncommonly known low-cost gift to give to your client after their appointment so that they can keep their lashes separated and perfectly fanned, even a few weeks after their visit
  • A common cause of irritation, lash loss, and clogged follicles (and how to prevent it)
  • The exact tool to use to “open” your lash strips for easier pick-up so that you can place lashes quicker and more precisely (which doubles as a convenient way to organize your patterns saving you time and frustration)
  • A simple trick to “lock” the lash extensions bond so that your customer can experience improved retention
  • The right way to protect the eye area so that your client experiences maximum comfort, minimum irritation. (This must-have method includes a BONUS beauty treatment that softens fine lines around the eye area making the customer look like she had 8 hours of sleep)
  • The #1 product you’ll use to prevent the eye protection setup from shifting and moving so that the client remains comfortable and happy during her “lash nap” (without the common pitfalls of the eye protection rising into the clients tear lines causing burning and discomfort)
  • The exact solution to serving clients with sparse lashes, missing lashes, or lashes that have undergone chemotherapy so that you always have a full fringe of long, strong, natural lashes to work with
  • Exactly what you must tell clients in order to enhance and add extra “oomph” to their eyelash extensions safely (without resorting to drug store mascaras that will cause premature lash loss and breakage)
  • Exactly what you must tell your “heavy eye makeup” clients on how to clean their eye area safely (without resorting to preservative-laden, falsely labeled “oil-free” drugstore makeup removers that cause premature lash loss and break down of the adhesive bond)
  • How to use lighting to enlarge your view of the lash area and reduce the focal length of your vision all while reducing eye strain so you can easily provide the maximum fullness and volume for your clients
  • How to use lighting to create a bright and soft visual area (without causing painful glare on your clients) so that you can take the most perfect, gorgeous, instagram-ready before and after photos
  • The #1 product that helps you impress your clients with care and professionalism so that there is no guesswork for them to keep their lashes beautiful for the longest time possible.
  • How to eliminate uncertainty that clients feel when they have lash extensions applied for the first time
  • The #1 product that will help you WOW your clients with thoughtfulness so that they can leave with the peace of mind that you’re committed to providing the lashes of their dreams professionally and safely

For Class 2, You Will Receive the Following Bonuses!

  • How to enhance green eyes
  • How to enhance blue eyes
  • How to enhance brown or hazel eyes
  • How to add a “twinkle” to your clients lashes for parties, holidays, and special events
  • Done-for-you beautifully designed size 5×7 chart you can display in your studio including 6 Curl Shapes, 10 lengths, and 8 thicknesses to help you showcase the results you can help your clients achieve.

Hi Angela! I very much enjoyed meeting you this past weekend and was extremely impressed with your business. I have often been disappointed in the level of dedication, professionalism and competition within the beauty industry. I feel 100% confident and privileged to call myself a Dreamlash Artist and would like to thank you for the extensive work you have done to make this possible for us. I left feeling extremely inspired!”

Shannon Sherston, Calgary AB

For Class 2, You Will Receive the Following Bonuses!

BONUS #2: “Certified Dreamlash Artist” Digital Badge

24 hours after your class ends, you will be emailed your digital certification badge that you can use on your website, social media pages, and business cards. This beautifully designed badge will show off your new credentials in a way that impresses clients and helps them see you as a true expert.

Class #3 • Hygiene and Safety

Hygiene and safety is paramount to your success as a Dreamlash Artist. Learn the exact ways to protect yourself and your clients so that you can create a glowing reputation that lasts a lifetime.

  • 4 of the most common (but often ignored) health and safety hazards in the lash industry
  • What you must never do when picking up lashes to guarantee a safe and seamless eyelash extensions application
  • The 7 most serious dangers of unsanitary lash artists (and how to danger-proof your tools and work area)
  • The #1 most common eye injury caused by unregulated products and poorly trained lash technicians that can cause surface damage or complete loss of vision. (And how to make sure you NEVER make this mistake)
  • The 3 most common causes of chemical burn and how to prevent it so that you protect your reputation and your career
  • The 5 symptoms of chemical burn caused by lash extensions and the exact instructions to give your clients so that they can quickly correct it while trusting you as an expert who cares about them
  • How eye infections are caused and 3 easy ways to prevent them
  • 3 questions to ask your client to assess whether they are at risk of being allergic to eyelash extensions application products (without wasting time and money on unnecessary patch tests)
  • The 10 symptoms of an eye infection caused by lash extensions and the exact instructions to give your clients so they can quickly correct it while trusting you as an expert who cares about them
  • The #1 way to significantly reduce the likelihood of the client developing an eye infection
  • 5 Step hand washing procedure for lash artists defined by the national health code.
  • 3 Step Emergency Procedure for lash artists defined by the national health code
  • The EXACT infection control protocol for tools and implements including the 3-step cleaning guidelines and 9-step disinfecting guidelines.
  • The EXACT infection control protocol for surfaces (stations, massage beds, loungers, chairs, etc.) including the 1-step cleaning guideline and 3-step disinfecting guidelines.
For Class 3, You Will Receive the Following Bonuses!

As a bonus for this class you’ll receive:

  • Checklist of the 8 must-have tools to keep your lash studio safe and sanitary (and where to get them)
  • Powerful word-for-word template you can post on your website or social media page to communicate your commitment to safety so that customers see you as a serious, committed professional. (Vs. the amateur mistake of tearing down the competition)
  • 3 bonus health and safety Tips that will set you apart from poorly trained lash artists and help you shine as a true expert.
  • Registered health and safety certificate number so you that you can begin taking clients right away without taking separate training from a health association ($1200 value).
  • Bonus: Easy-to-Follow “Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments” Reference Chart so that you can quickly and easily identify exactly what issue the client is experiencing, what caused the issue, and exactly what to recommend to resolve it
  • Compete Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for adhesives so that you can have easy access to ingredients, first-aid measures, handling and storage, exposure controls, and disposal consideration without having to figure everything out on your own

Hi Angela, Thought I would give you the heads up. Alberta Health Services dropped by my studio late Friday afternoon. Wanted to check everything out. She was investigating me to see if I was a legitimate lash artist. She was floored at how I had already followed everything on her health and safety checklist. I’ll keep you posted if there are any updates.

-Deborah Perrin, Edmonton AB

Class #4 • Dreamlash Method

Your clients want gorgeous lash extensions that last. In this class you’ll find the exclusive step-by-step application method that will WOW your clients and stump your competition. Most Dreamlash Artists make $150-$200 per set and take about an hour to complete.

Part 1: Applying the Perfect Set of Lashes Every Time

  • 12 Steps to the “Perfect Station Setup” so that you can experience maximum efficiency while making an excellent client impression from the start
  • 3 mistakes new lash artists make before the lash application even begins and how to avoid them
  • The exact method for applying lashes precisely and perfectly every single time
  • Setting up the client in the optimum position so that you can work comfortably, thereby preventing back pain and burnout so that you can have a long career as a lash artist
  • Exactly how to fan out the client’s natural lashes prior to the procedure so that you can apply as many lash extensions as possible
  • How to remove any cosmetic or make-up buildup from the natural lashes so that you create a barrier-free bond without inadvertently compromising the retention of the lash extensions
  • Exactly how to apply collagen under-eye patches so that the client is comfortable and protected without unnecessary irritation
  • Exactly how to protect the bottom lashes to prevent them getting caught in the adhesive so they don’t “stick” the eye shut during the application without causing the client pain or discomfort
  • Exactly how much adhesive to “drop” at a time so that the product remains at the proper temperature and consistency while ensuring you’re not wasting excess glue (and money!)
  • The well-kept Dreamlash secret “dipping” method that ensure you use the juiciest, most effective “beads” of adhesive so that you can increase the retention of the entire lash application
  • 2 “Lash-Pick-Up” methods to ensure that each lash extension is perfectly placed in your tweezers so that you can precisely place each lash without causing repetitive motion injury in your hands
  • The exact percentage of the lash extension you need to coat with the adhesive so that you can complete a clean, separated application without creating painful “clumps” against the eyelid
  • The exact method of applying the eyelash extension to the natural lash so that you can provide a smooth and seamless application for each and every lash
  • The exact amount of time to hold the eyelash extension in place in order to make sure the adhesive is set so that you’re not releasing it too early causing the extensions to shift crookedly
  • The Dreamlash secret of how to remove excess adhesive from each eyelash extension so that you don’t end up with a clumpy, painful lash extensions #fail like you see from many poorly trained lash artists
  • The one trick you can use while placing every lash to avoid sticking the lashes down to the pad so that the client can comfortably open her eyes after the procedure without pain or follicle damage
  • A simple foolproof method that will help you create full and thick lashes from corner to corner

Part 2: Providing the Perfect Fills

Don’t say we didn’t warn you! Eyelash extensions are addictive and if a client has a good experience they will come back again and again. Fills are a must-have service for any lash artist to provide so they can keep their clients for life. Most Dreamlash Artists earn $50-$75 per fill and they take 45 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

  • The three questions you MUST ask before performing a fill so that the client leaves with exactly what she wants and sees you as an expert who cares about making sure she always leaves with the lashes of her dreams
  • How to recognize which lash extensions to remove so that you don’t cause twisting, pulling, sagging, or follicle damage to the natural lashes

For Class 4, You Will Receive the Following Bonuses!

Bonus: Easy-to-Reference Instruction Sheet on the 10 Steps to the Perfect Dreamlash Fill with a complete photo tutorial

Part 3: Safe and Comfortable Removals

Some clients just wanted lashes for a special occasion. Some clients need a removal because they went to a poorly trained lash artist and are now left with painful clumps that are irritating their eyelids. Either way, mastering removals is a must for any lash artist who wants to grow her business and provide clients with this valuable service. Most Dreamlash Artists make $65 per removal and they take 30-45 minutes to complete.

  • How to prep your station for a removal (and the 6 tools you’ll need)
  • How to assure your client’s eyes stay completely protected during the removal so that their eye health or comfort is not jeopardized
  • How to prepare your remover so that it gives you the best possible result
  • Exactly how much remover to place on your brush (Too much can cause dripping the product on the skin and too little will not be effective)
  • The 2-Brush Method to properly apply remover to the lashes so that they are fully coated without excess
  • Exactly how remove the lash extensions from the natural lashes “like butter” without pulling, tugging, or causing painful follicle damage
  • Exactly how to remove the solution residue from the natural lashes so that client doesn’t experience any itching or burning after the removal
  • The exact instructions you must give your client immediately if she notices any discomfort so that you can make the experience as comfortable and professional as possible

I am overwhelmed by the response I have gotten and have actually had to turn a few clients away as at this time…my spots are limited! I have ran into a few clients that had seen someone else, and was horrified to see how brutal they were! I actually removed a set that came of in clumps of 10!! It certainly made me grateful that I had received the training I did from Dreamlash!

-Stacy Sorensen, Calgary AB

Class #5 • Consultations

Why do Dreamlash Artists have more successful businesses than any other Lash Artists? The magic is in the consultation process. By using the Dreamlash consultation method, clients will be eager to upgrade their lashes which means better results for them and more profit for you.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • 5 crucial mistakes lash artists make with consultations costing them time, money, and credibility
  • Exactly how to complete a highly effective consultation (and it’s not the amateur mistake of simply handing them a form and asking them to fill it out)
  • How to gracefully ensure each client comprehends the entire lash extensions experience properly so that you can guide them through anything they still have questions about.
  • How to make sure you have accurate client records so that you can provide a consistent service that gains your clients’ trust so that they keep coming back.
  • How to legally protect yourself from any liability that may arise as a result of the natural risks of any beauty service
  • A simple easy-to-follow checklist on how to deliver an expert client consultation with confidence
  • Word-for-word script to use after the consultation process that will increase the amount of customers eager to choose your most premium offer
  • Understanding the 4 purposes of the client consultation so that you can use this invaluable business tool in the most effective way
  • The #1 Amateur mistake that most people make when delivering a consultation so that you can stand out as a thousand steps ahead of the competition just by doing this one thing properly
  • Checklist of the 6 Mistakes Lash Artists make with the Client Consultation Process (and how to prevent them).
  • Checklist of the 6 Steps to Delivering a Client Consultation like a True Professional so that you can WOW your clients with thoughtfulness and professionalism within a few minutes of meeting them

For Class 5, You Will Receive the Following Bonuses!

Bonus Script: Word-for-Word script of exactly what to say on the phone or via social media to stop discount requests dead in their tracks and get their booking 90% of the time

Class #6 • Live Model Practicum

It’s time for you to test your new skills. Welcome to your first opportunity to follow everything you learned to create a beautiful, seamless Dreamlash application.

In Class 6 you’ll

  • Master setting up your station so that you’re fully ready to apply lashes with ease
  • Master following the Hygiene and Safety protocol so that you’re set up for success from the start
  • Master completing a full consultation so that you create a connection with your client and understand exactly what they want to achieve
  • Master determining the client’s eye shape, size, and setting so that you can expertly recommend the perfect, most flattering look
  • Master applying a full set of eyelash extensions from start to finish. You’ll be supervised by a highly skilled and attentive educator so that you’re 100% confident in each and every lash
  • Receive instant feedback and correction from your educator so that you eliminate any confusion or frustration
  • Receive a full set of eyelash extensions and experience the Dreamlash Method first hand

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the Pro Lash Course this weekend. My educator was personable, approachable, and so incredibly skilled. I have endured hours of professional development where I feel no real progression from the start of the day to the end. I found every minute of this course beneficial. I don’t know how anyone could feel comfortable or qualified to do lashes with anything short of this course. Thanks so much for the opportunity and please pass on my appreciation for all of the time and professionalism.

-Mary Helen Teskey, Milton, ON

Class #7 • Patterning & Customization

Now you’re ready for the big leagues where you’ll master techniques for flawless patterning that will blow your clients minds. Customization is the #1 thing you must master to stand out as a sought-after lash artist.

  • How to make small eyes appear larger
  • How to prevent making large eyes look even larger
  • Exactly how to cascade sizes to avoid the amateur “stair-step” look
  • How to determine the maximum length of lash extensions the client can handle without damaging their natural lashes (or causing an unappealing “spidery” look)
  • How to use visual length theory to make the lash extensions look fuller than they actually are
  • The 3 most common lash thicknesses that are suitable for practically every client
  • Exactly how to determine whether the client has wide-set, close-set, or even-set eyes so that you can give them the best possible recommendation for lashes they are 100% in love with
  • The best way to enhance wide set eyes
  • The best way to enhance close-set eyes
  • The best way to enhance even-set eyes
  • How to complete a full pattern while avoiding the amateur mistake of stopping short in the inner corners due to hand placement confusion
  • Understanding the natural lash growth and shedding cycle so that you can work with it to help client’s lashes last as long as possible
  • The three lash growth phases and which ones are the BEST for applying lashes to (and which ones are completely pointless to attempt applying lashes to)

For Class 7, You Will Receive the Following Bonuses!

  • A Checklist of the 6 Patterning Mistakes Every Lash Artist Needs to Avoid
  • Beautifully designed chart of how to recognize how the 3 most common eye shapes and how to identify if they are wide-set, close-set, and even-set.

PLUS! You’ll hit the ground running with these 29 Done-For-You Easy-to Follow Patterns including:

  • Are Those Real?- Short
  • Are Those Real? – Medium
  • Are Those Real? – Long 
  • Au Natural – Short
  • Au Natural – Medium
  • Au Natural – Long 
  • Bambi – Short
  • Bambi – Medium
  • Bambi – Long 
  • Centre Stage – Short
  • Centre Stage – Medium
  • Centre Stage – Long 
  • Got It – Short
  • Got It – Medium
  • Got It – Long 
  • Whispie Me Away – Short
  • Whispie Me Away – Medium
  • Whispie Me Away – Long 
  • Lashfully Yours – Short
  • Lashfully Yours – Medium
  • Lashfully Yours – Long

And you’ll also receive these 8 additional patterns for the looks that are in demand this year:

  • Open Eye
  • Kitten
  • Cat Eye
  • Baby Doll
  • Natural
  • Squirrel
  • Kim-K
  • Feathered

Thank you for the well-rounded course you offer as well as the very experienced instructors you employ with your company. My instructors were personable, loyal to the company, and excellent lash artists. They were incredibly positive and really pushed us to try our hardest. I was so impressed with the overall optimistic attitude and impressive array of knowledge. I have learned more than just the eyelash extensions technique and I’m ready to make a name for myself in the industry. I am so grateful that instead of choosing a less expensive course elsewhere that I chose this high-end complete course with Dreamlash. Thanks again for the incredibly integrity and passion that your company portrayed during the entire process.”

-Sage Bennett, Campbell River, BC

Class #8 • How to Get Your First Bookings

Now it’s time to get booked solid! Learn our top-secret techniques for booking your first clients, how to run a successful grand opening, and social media secrets that will have clients begging for an appointment with you.

  • Why comparing and considering the pricing of low-priced, low-quality lash artists is the recipe for failure and how to set yourself apart in the right, proven way
  • The one amateur mistake many new lash artists include in their marketing posts that will interfere with the perception of you as a luxury service provider
  • How to be seen as a REAL person so that clients feel a connection with you and feel motivated to book
  • The most expensive mistake many lash artists make with marketing and what to do instead
  • The most common self-sabotaging mindset that prevents you from moving forward with your marketing regularly and consistently
  • Exactly how many lash options you should offer so that clients feel they excited to pick the best option for them without causing them “overwhelm paralysis”
  • The answer to the question “Should I require a deposit or credit card number before booking?” so that you continue to increase bookings and connections in the most professional way possible
  • Exactly how to price your lash extensions services when you first launch so that you attract the right clients
  • Exactly how to price your fills so that you remain profitable and sustainable
  • Exactly when to raise your prices (and by how much) so that your rates are on point with your skill level and you continue to attract clients who appreciate you
  • Exactly what to write on your website or social media page when you raise your prices so that clients see your value without challenging you
  • The SIZZLING HOT 5-step grand opening announcement that can help you get your first 30 clients without paying a dime for advertising within 30 days of your course
  • Word-for-Word Social Media/Email Script for your grand opening announcement so that you can hit the ground running with new bookings right away
  • Done-for you email template to send to every new client that will drastically reduce no-shows and cancellations while gracefully creating a long-term connection between you and your client
  • The importance of choosing a meaningful business name that is easily identifiable in the market
  • How to Register Your Business Name so that you’re ready to hit the ground running as a legal entity
  • How to choose between and Incorporation or Sole Proprietorship (and the benefits and drawbacks to each) so that you make an informed decision
  • The different types of insurance available so that you’re protected from claims arising from unscrupulous customers or accidental negligence
  • The 2 Simple ways to place your product orders so that you always have the right amount of inventory on hand to serve your customers

OMG…I am having a freak out…lol! After posting my grand opening message I had a huge response. Within 1 hour I have 20 people booked and ready to go. I will be lashing 5-6 nights a week. I may have to quit my day job!

-Jessica D, Vermillion AB

Additional Bonuses

BONUS #1 – In-class Grading and Certification:

Your will be graded for your Official Dreamlash Certification in-class. As long as you achieve 80% or higher, you will walk out with your beautifully designed certificate in-hand. If, for any reason you don’t achieve 80%, you can re-submit photos after class in order to earn your certificate.

BONUS #2: “Certified Dreamlash Artist” Digital Badge

24 hours after your class ends, you will be emailed your digitial certification badge that you can use on your website, social media pages, and business cards. This beautifully designed badge will show off your new credentials in a way that impresses clients and helps them see you as a true expert.

BONUS #3: Private “Dreamlash Artists Only” Facebook Support Group

Upon completing your registration, you will immediately be surrounded by a circle of big-hearted, inspiring women who are changing the stereotypes of the beauty industry in a connection-centered, supportive way. The best part is that many of our students become much more than business colleagues and end up as personal friends. We all hold each other accountable to growth and expansion, and send each other clients when our life demands can’t handle our current workload.

Be warned: This isn’t your typical beauty community that sets you up to be in competition with others while others talk behind your back. 

Most Dreamlash students make lifetime friendships, and are the exact type of students they might like to have one day.

They get new patterning templates, business checklists, and done-for-you educational content as new content becomes available

You’ll be thrilled with how Dreamlash Pro blends in-depth theory, hands-on practicum, and powerful marketing advice along with my personal inspiration in every workbook to help you create a lash business you are 100% in love with.

Expect to be richly supported before, during, and after the course as you’re lovingly guided to become an exceptional lash artist.

Apply Now →

But before you decide, review these important considerations:

There’s a vast amount of eyelash extensions training courses popping up, seemingly overnight.

I understand that many of these courses are easier, shorter, and lower-priced.

The amount of focus and commitment to complete a Dreamlash course isn’t for everybody.


Potential students who believe that they only have to learn how to apply a few lashes in order to become successful in this art are dead wrong.

Because of this, we re-train many students who trained through informal, vague programs.

With the rapid growth of the eyelash extensions industry, there is also a growth courses containing incomplete information and very basic skill instruction.

We re-train many people who believed they could learn this intricate art through a self-study course, only to realize there was no way to succeed with this type of training. (When it comes to eyelash extensions, a live instructor-led in-person or online course is a must. (Without this piece, those self-study online courses only serve the business and students are doomed from the start).

Furthermore, beware of trainings that don’t provide you with proper regulation registration upon certification. (A regulatory body that allows certified students to practice legally and ethically recognizes official certification). This problem makes any certificate received by a non-registered or self-study online training to be meaningless. Completely unrecognized by the government, a regulatory agency, or a potential employer.

It has been proven that the only people who have mastered lash extensions and went on to succeed in their business have undergone a proven, regulated curriculum that has been reviewed and approved by national health organizations. Unfortunately, many student come to us after learning this the hard way.

It pays to do your research.

It’s not just about you — your clients deserve the best.

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Who should apply?

The Dreamlash Eyelash Extensions PRO Certification is perfect for students and moms who want to work from home. It’s also perfect for experienced hairstylists and aestheticians who want to add eyelash extensions to their offerings, or salons and spas who want to have their staff trained in this profitable, hot beauty service. No matter which category you fit into, you’ll receive curriculum style Eyelash Extensions Training that has been especially created to be easy to learn, and delivered an exceptional educational team, trained by me personally. By taking this course instead of any of the others that are offered- we promise you’ll dramatically shorten your learning curve and save you time, money, and frustration. There is an application required to be a part of this program.

Am I ready for the Dreamlash Eyelash Extensions PRO Certification?

This program takes you from beginner to PRO in a 3-day intensive course. If you’re committed to providing top-notch service in a caring environment,  and you’re not a “product-hopper” you’re ready for this course. And remember unlike other programs, meaningless Certificates are not awarded for participation only. You must complete the Certification test in order to receive your beautiful, personalized Certificate. There is no expiry date or time limit for you to complete the test – this means you can complete it during class, or any time you’re ready.

I’m already a Certified Lash Artist with another company – should I take this course?

Yes, there are many benefits for you to upgrade your skills with this level of instruction. Your certification will also enable you to enroll in our advanced professional development Certification courses.

What about supplies? Does this course come with a kit?

After registrations, and closer to the course date, you will be sent an email outlining the options we have for kits. Purchasing a kit is optional, but highly recommended due to the substantial savings you receive. Kits range from $597, $997, $1997.
Apply Now →

Are you ready to be 1 out of 100 Certified Dreamlash Artists this year?

The early-bird tuition for the Dreamlash PRO Certification course is $1997 (but will ultimately go up to $4997 as we near each course date). This is an itty-bitty investment compared to how many high-ticket clients you’ll be able to serve after receiving your certification.

I’ve personally seen hopeful people throw away thousands of dollars on training courses that were vague and outdated. They took these courses with companies that didn’t see them as human souls with hopes and dreams  just a quick way to make a buck.

How much money are you leaving on the table by not getting the top-notch education that will skyrocket you into lash artistry success? $100,000 – 150,000 per year?

The wasted money will only grow as clients don’t return. Those who try to offer eyelash extensions without being 100% confident in every little step and technique gain a bitter reputation very quickly.

To put it in dollar values let’s say you book 10 Dreamlash clients at $150 each. Do this every week and you will make $6,000 per month. That’s $72,000 per year working just 10 hours per week. 

And if you’re like some of our stars you’ll build your business to 30 clients per week. That’s $18,000 per month or $216,000 per year. It takes a lot of commitment, but since the average 4-year degree only pays about $50,000 per year, isn’t it worth it?

Do you see how the investment of $1997 for a complete, in-depth training is really just an itty-bitty amount in the grand scheme of things? (And your revenues will only go up as you build your name and hire junior lash artists to work alongside you).

But there is an application to fill out because I know only the aspiring lash artists who are super-committed to themselves and their clients will do so. There are plenty of other trainings out there for people who are only concerned about price. 

As an educator team, we only want courses full of lash artists who have extremely high standards for themselves and their clients. But most importantly, we want to train those who want to up- level their lives.

It’s like a ripple effect, the better lash education that’s provided; the entire industry gains a better reputation. Then, more women get to enjoy gorgeous lashes provided by someone who truly cares about their comfort, health, and safety.

And remember, applying doesn’t commit you to the course. If you get an invitation for a telephone interview, we’ll talk personally about whether or not this is the right choice for you.

Apply Now →
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